BlueRock Energy Capital II, LLC

  • The Unique Capital Partner for Small Producers


Do you need growth capital, have current production, and want to retain your project’s upside potential without having to personally guarantee a loan?

Over the past 20 years, our growth capital has provided clients with a lower cost alternative to selling equity.  We provide small producers capital ranging from $1 million to $20 million for reserve-based acquisitions and monetizations with associated enhancement and/or development.  Our ideal client has an established track record, regional expertise and an executable development plan.

Our partners originated and managed the Producer Finance business at Tenneco Ventures in 1993, which subsequently became Domain Energy and later Range Energy Finance Corporation. Throughout our history together, we have completed more than $350 million in small transactions and observed our clients prosper.  

Our organization includes skilled engineers, geologists and landmen; all having industry experience with integrated companies and independents prior to the oil and gas finance business. We understand our client's obstacles and challenges because we have lived them ourselves.

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